He is no longer able to join our crew: Pete Davidson will not go into space

Steph Deschamps / March 18, 2022

The American comedian Pete Davidson, who made the headlines since the revelation of his relationship with the reality star Kim Kardashian, will finally not go into space next week as initially announced.
The 28-year-old star of NBC's cult hit Saturday Night Live is no longer able to join the NS-20 crew on this mission, Blue Origin said in a statement late Thursday.
Jeff Bezos' space company, which invited Davidson to make the trip, did not specify its reasons for pulling out of the flight, scheduled for March 23, an 11-minute jaunt aboard a rocket that was to take off from West Texas.
The other five passengers, including businessmen, paid an undisclosed price for the trip.
The mission itself has now been rescheduled for March 29, and Blue Origin said it would soon announce a new sixth crew member.
Jeff Bezos himself participated in the first flight of New Shepard. Since then, the spacecraft has also carried the actor playing the iconic Captain Kirk of the Star Trek series, William Shatner, as well as Laura Shepard Churchley, the daughter of the first American to go into space.
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