Guns don't kill, Alec Baldwin does, the new t-shirt marketed by Trump's son creates controversy

Sylvie Claire / October 29, 2021

It was one week ago to the day a terrible tragedy occurred on the set of a western movie in New Mexico. The actor Alec Baldwin handles a weapon for the needs of the shooting. Unfortunately, the gun was loaded a bullet hit two people, one of whom lost his life in the following hours. It is Halyna Hutchins, the director of photography.
Following this tragic event, the Hollywood world is in mourning. But some take advantage of the situation to try to make the buzz. This is particularly the case of the son of the former American president. As reported by the British daily The Independent, Donald Trump Junior has designed T-shirts that read Guns don't kill, Alec Baldwin does. A bad buzz that quickly attracted the wrath of Internet users. Pathetic, What's wrong with Donald Trump Jr? Who does he think he's selling these shirts to? Disgusting, Wow, horrible. Somebody died, was some of the comments on Twitter.
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