GIF inventor Stephen Wilhite died at 74 from Covid: We are indebted to his creativity and vision

Sylvie Claire / March 25, 2022


It is via the Giphy twitter account that we learn that the unknown inventor of the famous GIF has died.
The GIPHY team is saddened to learn of the passing of Stephen Wilhite, the creator of the GIF file format. GIPHY was built on a genuine love for the GIF - and we are indebted to Mr. Wilhite's creativity and vision.
These few lines embellished with millions of sad gifs are the tribute that Giphy wanted to pay to the creator of the famous animated image on Twitter.
Many Internet users have since shown their support to this inventor who revolutionized the way we communicate on the Internet. Among them, one person shared a gif from the beginning of the gifs era, which was Stephen Wilhite's favorite, as we learn from the Huffpost. We let you enjoy it below.
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