George Micheal's legacy is at the heart of a long legal battle

Eva Deschamps / December 26, 2021

George Michael passed away on December 25, 2016. Since then his heirs have been squabbling over a haul of 113 million euros. This substantial sum is the result of a long career of over 30 years. It is now a source of conflict in his entourage.
Just like Johnny Halliday's inheritance, George Michael's inheritance is also a big deal. The Wham singer had no children, so it is his father and his sisters who are the direct successors of the singer. As if he could feel that his end was near, George Michael had nevertheless written a will, defining the sums attributed to each.
Since the death of the 53-year-old singer on December 25, 2016, his ex-partner claims his du. But here, George Michael had made the choice to leave him nothing. Fadi Fawaz has thus engaged in a legal battle with the designated heirs. It's been five years since George was buried, but things are still not quite settled. Even after all this time, some people are doing everything to get their hands on his money, regrets one of his relatives. According to The Sun, the interpreter of Last Christmas still has an ex-lover who comes to sow discord. The former steward, Kenny Goss, has managed to sign a contract with Yioda, one of the sisters of the singer. He pockets 15.000 pounds every month.
One thing is certain: this legal battle is not about to end.  
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