For the new year, Gims drops the glasses

Sylvie Claire / January 5, 2022

After being found at the center of a controversy in the New Year, Master Gims begins the year by separating for the first time his mythical glasses.
On New Year's Eve, Gims asked his fans and especially his Muslim fans to stop wishing him a happy new year. The muslims stop it, we have the same convictions! They are the ones who send most of the 'Happy New Year'. Brothers, we do not celebrate this, he wrote on social networks. A tirade that has particularly shocked Julien Odoul, member of the National Rally Gims is not consistent with his beliefs in his clips: he drinks alcohol, girls show off in swimsuits, there is money Gims is a Muslim fundamentalist on January 1 and all the rest of the year he is a member of the showbiz" he said on the set of Morandini Live.
If he ended the year on a controversy, Gims began it with a surprise. Usually, the singer refuses to part with his pair of glasses. I'm afraid. It scares me to take them off. I do not know why, he explained in an interview for 'Sept à Huit'. But Gims has apparently decided to overcome his fears. He posted a photo on Instagram where we can see him in profile, the face in the shade without glasses. His fans were quick to react: Finally his eyes, posted an Internet user. Nobody is shocked to see him without glasses? asked another.
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