First public outing for Adele and her new lover: find out who the 39-year-old millionaire is

Sylvie Claire / July 19, 2021
The singer Adele was spotted in Phoenix in the stands of the fifth game of the NBA finals with Rich Paul, the agent of LeBron James.
Making a rare public appearance to watch the Phoenix Suns take on the Milwaukee Bucks unsuccessfully in a game watched by millions of Americans nationwide, the 33-year-old Cold Shoulder singer was photographed laughing with Rich, 39, who was clearly very close to her.
ESPN announcer Brian Windhorst said on a podcast after the game that they were indeed a couple. 
Brian Windhorst stated that Rich Paul and Adele were dating and by attending this match, they were making their first public appearance.
Rich Paul is one of the top sports agents in the NBA. His clients include the most famous basketball stars such as LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons and John Wall.
The 39-year-old is worth about $46 million and has negotiated more than $1 billion in active deals for his top clients during his career.
In 2020, he appeared on the Forbes list of the 10 most powerful sports agents in the world, reaching No. 9 on the list.
He grew up in a modest Cleveland family in a one-bedroom apartment above his father's store, R & J Confectionery, and went to a Catholic high school.
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