Elizabeth II's Jubilee: Buckingham Palace rejects Kim Kardashian's requests to attend the official party

Sylvie Claire / June 4, 2022

Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly the queen of Instagram, but that didn't stop her request to attend Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Party outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday from being denied.
Kim K. doesn't visit the UK very often. So now that she is there, she wanted to join the event of the year, the jubilee party of Queen Elizabeth II, which will take place on Saturday. But no luck for the rich American star, for the Royal Palace, it's no!
Indeed, the palace refused to allow her and her new boyfriend to attend the party, as well as the publicists of the BBC, which will broadcast the show.
According to some English media, Kim would be determined to attend and does not intend to let go. It seems that she even tried to acquire tickets by other means, and too bad if the tickets are not VIP.
A source told DailyMail that Kim is rarely turned away to attend an event, so this was quite surprising, especially since she doesn't visit the UK often. Kim and Pete adore the royal family and really wanted to be a part of this special celebration.


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