Dwayne Johnson mocks Vin Diesel and announces he is leaving the Fast & Furious saga

Steph Deschamps / July 27, 2021

The disagreement between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel does not date from yesterday, but this had not prevented the two actors to collaborate until now. On a promotional tour for the latest installment of Fast & Furious, the former wrestling star revealed that he was leaving the Fast and Furious franchise for good. Since he joined the saga in 2011, his screen time in these films had also been reduced to a trickle.
Five years ago, Dwayne Johnson had reproached Vin Diesel for a certain lack of professionalism. Some people act like trustworthy men and true professionals, others don't. These others are too chicken to do anything anyway, he had written on Instagram, calling the latter sissies.
Recently, Vin Diesel said that his feud with Dwayne Johnson was a way to get the best out of the actor. I can give a lot of tough love. Not in a Fellini way either, but I'll do anything to get performances in anything I produce, he said.
Comments that are probably hypocritical in the eyes of Dwayne Johnson. This is what he seemed to hear in the columns of The Hollywood Reporter: I laughed, but I laughed so hard. I think everyone laughed at that, he joked. I wouldn't say any more.
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