Devin Ratray, Buzz in Mommy Missed the Plane, arrested for domestic violence

Steph Deschamps / December 24, 2021

Devin Ratray was arrested this Wednesday, December 22 for domestic violence. The actor is accused of strangling his girlfriend in a hotel room in Oklahoma earlier this month. Devin Ratray, 44, is known for playing Buzz, Kevin McCallister's evil older brother in Mommy Missed the Plane.
At a convention they attended together, Devin would have been angry with his girlfriend because she would have accepted the request of two fans who wanted to get the autograph of the actor for free. They were then at the bar of the hotel. Their argument would have continued in their room. His girlfriend explained that he threw her on the bed and would have tried to strangle her, telling her: that's how you die. She bit his hand and tried to call for help. The actor would then have stopped choking her but would have hit her. She finally managed to get out of the room.
The alleged victim was found with numerous injuries, including a black eye, marks on the lips, a bruise on the chest since this violent argument, the couple would have broken up.
Devin Ratray was arrested and is facing charges of domestic violence and battery by strangulation. A police source revealed to Fox News that the actor reportedly turned himself in to the police. He has since been released because his $25,000 bail was posted. He denies the charges against him.
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