Death of Olivia Newton-John: the mysterious disappearance of her lover in 2005 haunted her until the end

Sylvie Claire / August 10,  2022

The actress Olivia Newton-John died this Monday at the age of 73 years. The opportunity for many People magazines to trace the career of the world-famous star but also the highlights that shaped his life. In 2005, the star went through a shocking ordeal, reminds us the Daily Mail. She is then in a relationship for 9 years with the cameraman Patrick McDermott, 48 years old.
Whereas it is in promotional tour in Australia, this one leaves in boat to carry out a voyage of fishing. He embarked with 22 other people on June 30, 2005, but disappeared before the boat returned to dry land. Nobody noticed his absence. The crew of his fishing boat found the car keys, passport and wallet of the American on board a few days later, the car of the cameraman was parked at the marina of San Pedro in Los Angeles.
His disappearance was only reported on July 11, when Patrick, invited to a family event, did not show up.  
As investigators try to track him down, the man remains unaccounted for. Investigators discover that Patrick had filed for bankruptcy with debts of more than $30,000, suggesting that he may have faked his death in order to get a clean slate.
A three-year investigation of the fishing boat in question reveals that the crew did not conduct a passenger count on the day of the trip, and that McDermott's disappearance went completely unnoticed.
For nearly two decades, rumors swirled about the fate of Olivia's partner. Some believed he was hiding in Mexico, fleeing crushing debts.
But repeated manhunts by police, media and private investigators were never able to find conclusive evidence, despite reports to police that he had been spotted. Eyewitnesses reported to investigators that he was seen in Mexico, where he was reportedly living on a yacht off Sayulita and Acapulco, with another woman.
When asked about this, Olivia Newton-John admitted: I don't think I'll ever really be at peace with it. And to conclude with sadness: I think there will always be a question mark.
In 2008, the actress will marry John Easterling, founder and president of Amazon Herb Company. It was he who announced this Monday the death of the actress. 
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