Daniel Craig goes to gay bars to avoid aggressive men in straight bars

Eva Deschamps / October 17, 2021

On the Lunch with Bruce podcast on SiriusXM, Daniel Craig revealed that he prefers to go out to gay bars to avoid the aggression of men in straight bars. I've been going to gay bars for as long as I can remember, the 53-year-old actor said. One of the reasons: because I don't get into fights that often in gay bars.
The No Time to Die actor confided that he started going to gay bars when he was young because he wanted to avoid getting into a fight during a party, which happened quite often in straight bars.
The star added that gay bars were a safe place. Everyone was relaxed, everyone. You didn't really have to assert your sexuality. It was okay. And it was a very safe place. And I could meet girls there, because there were a lot of them for the same reason I was, he added.
The James Bond actor also spoke about an incident when talking with host Bruce Bozzi, with whom he has been friends for a long time.
The pair reflected on the night they were caught together at a gay bar called Roosterfish in Venice Beach, California, in 2010. We kind of got 'caught' I guess, which was kind of weird, the James Bond actor said still amused by the situation.
What happened was we were having a good night and I was talking to you about my life as it was changing. We got drunk and I said, 'Oh, let's go to a bar, let's go, let's go out,' explained the star who recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
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