Christo Zhivkov, actor of the mythical film The Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson, died at the age of 48 years

Eva Deschamps / April 4, 2023

The world of cinema is once again in mourning. The actor Christo Zhivkov has passed away. He was known to have played the role of John in "The Passion of the Christ", the mythical film directed by Mel Gibson. The Bulgarian went to Los Angeles as a result of cancer, an illness he had been fighting for years.
His production company "Red Carpet Films" paid tribute to him on Facebook: "There are no words to describe the pain of this loss. We are truly devastated by this untimely loss. We will never forget you. The same goes for Maria Grazia Cucinotta, ex-James Bond girl and friend of the deceased. "I still do not want to believe that you are gone... endless pain. Hello Christo, my friend, sweet soul, your fight for life was the fight of all those who love you," she wrote on Instagram.
Christo Zhivkov was 48 years old.


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