Céline Dion is about to make unprecedented revelations in a documentary about her life

Eva Deschamps / October 19, 2021


A documentary dedicated to the life of Celine Dion will soon be released. This one should, according to the Quebec singer, reveal a part of her never shown before. This little sentence launched on the social networks of the artist now leaves the suspense among his fans who wonder especially about his sexual orientation.
Céline Dion is getting ready to make her comeback on the stage. Forced to postpone several times her planned concerts in Europe, the singer will finally be able to resume, in 2022, her Courage World Tour. If her fans are already delighted, this is not the only good news of the day the star has indeed announced the preparation of a new project!
A documentary entirely devoted to her life in which she will have the opportunity to reveal herself as never, according to her words. I can not wait to work on this project that is dear to me, and that will show the world a part of me that had never been shown before, she said. These few words, launched on social networks, had the gift to wake up the crowds: Celine Dion would she have great revelations to make? One thing is sure: she is now leaving a huge suspense among her fans who are wondering we are all aware that Celine says only what she wants to say and that she must have a life that she does not want to reveal, said a member of the Red Heads fan club to the French magazine Télé Star.
In recent months, rumors circulate about the private life of the star and his sexual orientation. She is accused of not assuming her homosexuality. Yet, it wouldn't shock anyone, added the fan club member. She has always supported the LGBT cause and has a large LGBT fan base. Rumor also mentioned by her biographer last year in an interview with the Pays d'Auge newspaper. There is still a grey area: her love and sex life. In particular to know if she had sapphic love affairs (with women). It seems inconceivable, because Rene is the only love of her life. But she has a great proximity to the LGBT milieu. That triggered passions, without knowing if she answered it, had indicated then Elisabeth Reynaud.
As for this famous documentary, we don't know the release date yet, but we already know that it will be directed by the American filmmaker Irene Taylor Bordsky, in whom Celine Dion has total confidence. I have always been an open book with my fans, and with her sensitivity and intense creativity, I think Irene will be able to tell my story in the most honest and authentic way, she said in a short statement.
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