Celine Dion announces she has a neurological disorder

Steph Deschamps / December 8, 2022

In a video posted on her Instagram account, singer Celine Dion spoke out about her health problems that prevent her from performing on stage during the summer of 2023. The star explains that she has a "neurological disorder" that causes difficulties in the use of her vocal cords.
This is an announcement that will disappoint many fans. Celine Dion, for health reasons, has chosen to postpone her concerts from spring 2023 to 2024. "I've been experiencing health problems for a long time and it's not easy for me to deal with them. It saddens me greatly to have to tell you that I won't be ready to start my European tour again in February," she said below a video posted on her Instagram.
This disorder, which is characterized by a progressive muscular rigidity, causes Celine Dion to have difficulty walking and prevents her from "using (her) vocal cords" as she would like, the singer said.
Her summer program is also upset and the North American star will not be present at the Vieilles Charrues festival in Brittany, where she was expected on July 13, after two initial cancellations. On the other hand, the six concerts scheduled at La Défense Arena (near Paris) in September 2023 are maintained. 
Celine Dion had given the first 52 shows of the tour before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. The superstar had then announced last January that she was cancelling the North American leg of this tour because of her health problems.


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