Celebrity Friends Supporting Each Other During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Steph Deschamps / Mai 14, 2020ANDY COHEN & SARAH JESSICA PARKER


On at least one side of the ever-flipping coin, trying times have been known bring out the best in people—and their relationships with each other.

While normally we're treated around the clock to celebrities buddying up at events, cracking each other up on talk shows, hosting parties and generally being out in the world (or at least on screens at movie theaters or performing on stage), star-gazing these days has been relegated to who you see online—for us and for them.

But though most everything is happening behind closed doors (or in gigantic backyards, or chef's kitchens, walk-in closets and home gyms), the inclination to share personal experiences seems to be growing, even among those who tend to operate on a more private frequency in regular times.

And with this new era of sharing has come some touching revelations.


Deepening a bond while also practicing physical distancing may not be the easiest thing to do, but it's happening all over. So whether these famous pals are doing serious solids for each other or counting down their days of isolation so that they can have socially-distanced reunions, here are some of the ways that famous friends have been supporting one another during the COVID-19 pandemic:


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