Catherine Deneuve at the Cannes Film Festival: this question that journalists had NO RIGHT to ask her

Sylvie Claire / July 13, 2021
Saturday, on the occasion of the presentation of the film De son vivant, Catherine Deneuve was present in Cannes.
The icon of French cinema showed on the Croisette that she was in good shape, despite the health worries she experienced in late 2019. Victim of a stroke after the shooting of the film by Emmanuelle Bercot, she had been forced to rest for several months.
Back in Cannes in great shape, the 77-year-old actress attended a press conference to answer questions from journalists about her role as Crystal, the mother of Benjamin, who has cancer. But the star imposed a condition: there is a subject that the journalists could not approach in any case. It is about her state of health and her hospitalization.
Journalists had been warned that any reference to her health was forbidden, reports Le Parisien. But Catherine Deneuve took the trouble to be reassuring by saying during this press conference: I'm fine.
The actress also admitted that she was very touched by her return to Cannes: I have never been moved like this when entering the room, she said, reports Le Parisien.
What reassure the many fans of Catherine Deneuve.
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