Britney Spears spotted with a huge engagement ring

Sylvie Claire / July 21, 2021
While Britney Spears is trying to get rid of the guardianship of her father Jamie, imposed in 2008 after a series of slips, the 39-year-old singer who had confided in the court of Los Angeles at the end of June could not go to the beauty salon, stop her contraception to have a child, or marry her boyfriend, without the approval of her father was photographed with a huge engagement ring on the ring finger. 
Britney Spears went to Starbucks with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. When the waiter handed her her order, the star took it with a huge ring with which she had never been photographed before, speculating that she intended to advance in her future projects. What she could not aspire to while being under the guardianship of her father.
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