Britney Spears: one of her housekeepers accuses her of violence

Sylvie Claire / August 20, 2021

The American media TMZ reveals that Britney Spears is under investigation for violence against her maid.
Relieved to have (finally) recovered the control of her life following the abandonment by her father of the guardianship on his daughter, Britney Spears must now face an investigation launched because of a complaint of violence from one of her maids.
It is the American site TMZ that reveals the information, and which specifies that an altercation would have turned badly between the cleaning lady and the singer. After going to the veterinarian for a concern of animal abuse, the housekeeper would have had to face the anger of Britney Spears, who would have taken the phone of his employee, to slam it and project it to the ground.
Still according to TMZ, the authorities would have contacted the interpreter of Toxic so that she gives her own version of events. Britney Spears did not want to answer the questions .
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