Brigitte Macron: these anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night to tell her that her husband was gay

Sylvie Claire / January 12, 2022

This Monday, BFM TV, France's most popular television news channel, aired a documentary entitled In the hell of presidential campaigns, following the behind-the-scenes of Emmanuel Macron's presidential campaign. 
And as this documentary attests, nothing looks like a smooth ride when you want to be president.
The journalist Nicolas Prisette revealed that at that time Brigitte Macron received anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night telling her: I know that your husband is currently with a man, implying that he was gay. A rumor that had swollen everywhere on social networks and that Emmanuel Macron wanted to deny. 
While he was said to have a relationship with Mathieu Gallet, then head of Radio France, Emmanuel Macron has set the record straight. He affirmed that he did not even use the tutoiement with Mathieu Gallet, implicit proof that there could be no possible ambiguity.
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