Brendan Fraser metamorphosed: the star of the 90s back, he now weighs ... 270 kilos

Steph Deschamps / July 28, 2022

Brendan Fraser, 53 years old, is far from the young actor with the advantageous plastic that he was 30 years ago. In his first films, George of the Jungle or Encino Man, the actor showed off a sculpted body. Today, for the needs of the film The Whale, he weighs some 270 kilos. 
He plays a morbidly obese man named Charlie. Because of his condition, Charlie lives in a reclusive home, eating himself to death in the back of his Idaho apartment, says the synopsis. Desperate to reconnect with his daughter, whom he hasn't seen in years, he will reconnect, but will then have to deal with a sharp-tongued and deeply unhappy teenager.
After a big break, Brendan Fraser is currently reborn in the cinema, in more demanding films than at the beginning of his career. He is notably in the cast of Martin Scorcese's new film, Killers of the Flower Moon, which is scheduled for release in 2022.
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