Bradley Cooper attacked in the subway in New York: I look down and see the knife in his hands

Steph Deschamps / December 1, 2021

Bradley Cooper was the guest of Dax Shepard, this Monday November 29, for the weekly podcast Armchair Expert. The American actor and filmmaker revealed a number of things, including that he was surprised to be voted sexiest man alive. In his revelations, Bradley Cooper also told that he had been threatened with a knife in the New York subway.
The assault dates back to a day in October 2019, it must have been noon. The actor had just exited the subway and was heading towards the exit of the station to pick up his daughter Lea from school. That's when a man approached him. My ears were plugged and I thought the guy wanted a picture with me. Until I looked down and saw the knife in his hands. I looked him straight in the eye and saw how young he still was, the American filmmaker said in his interview.
Bradley Cooper did not immediately grasp what was happening. Without thinking, he took off running. I was always taught not to run when someone is standing in front of you with a gun. But this was just too crazy to stand there. I ripped his arm off and ran outside.
Luckily, the actor had time to take a picture of his attacker and showed it directly to the police. There was a police car nearby and I immediately showed the officers the pictures. They asked if I had been injured. Fortunately, I wasn't, he says before continuing. I went to pick up my little girl from school. And I never told my friends or acquaintances what happened to me. I realize I was feeling a little too comfortable in New York. Since then, I've been a little more careful.
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