Booba clashes with Stromae : The other one comes back swollen with Xanax and talks about his depression

Eva Deschamps / January 15, 2022

Duke in French rap but king of clashes, Booba begins 2022 as he ended the year 2021: by attacking his rivals in music.
Like many people, on January 7, the rapper from 92 was in front of his television watching Stromae's performance on TF1's JT. The Belgian took advantage of this rare television appearance to present his new song, which very quickly became a video clip. Stromae's L'enfer" has directly made the rounds of social networks. The traditional media also talked about it for several days.
But the performance of the Belgian singer did not please Booba. The rapper used rather virulent words towards Stromae.
On Instagram, Booba posted a photo of Stromae with two other enemies: Orelsan and Gims. The comments made by the 45-year-old rapper were quite violent especially for the Belgian singer. He first presented the three artists as three big shits. He then went on to blame the interpreter of L'enfer for complaining. For the singer of Garde la pêche, the whole world is experiencing difficulties with the health crisis. And the other one comes back inflated with Xanax on TF1 and talks to us about his depression. But brother, the whole world is sinking. We don't give a damn about your life. What are you good for? We didn't wait for you to get depressed, we don't have any freedom left. Go take your pills and stay in bed. To conclude his clash, Booba annoyed apologizes to his community: Ah jpp excuse me! His last comment is followed by the hashtag #LPNJF which means: the hack is never over! , motto of Booba and his fans. 


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