Billie Eilish loses 100,000 followers at once: here's why (photo)

 Sylvie Claire / December 31, 2020


Posting a photo of… is the Instagram challenge right now. All the stars are doing it, including Billie Eilish. The singer is very active on her Instagram account and did not resist. To requests: post a photo of your locked screen and post a photo of a drawing you're really proud of, she responded with pictures of breasts.


The American first shows a photo of two naked women on her phone screen. Next, she unveils a design showing opulent breasts and buttocks with snakes. Her caption: Lol I love breasts.


It didn't take longer for the star to instantly lose 100,000 subscribers. Yet, while Billie Eilish shows no inhibitions when it comes to nude photos, she gets carried away when it comes to her body. Fans say they are shocked that she shows these kinds of drawings when she never reveals her body, always hidden by long clothes. The artist nevertheless recalls that his body belongs to him and that it does not have to be commented on


But no stress for the young woman, this buzz quickly won her 200,000 new subscribers

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