Beyonce on TikTok: she gets 800,000 subscribers without posting anything

Steph Deschamps / December 23, 2021

Beyonce's fans were waiting for it with impatience: Queen B is coming on TikTok. The star being rather discreet on social networks, the announcement made the effect of a bomb with her audience, so much so that more than 800,000 people subscribed directly to her account, while she had not yet posted anything! Only Queen B is capable of such a feat.
Beyonce has no less than 225 million followers on Instagram, 56 million on Facebook and 15 million on Twitter.
We can expect that his arrival on TikTok goes hand in hand with a news: a new album for example? What to imagine it since it is his record company that has communicated on his arrival on the social network. In the meantime, the fans can't wait to discover his first publication! 
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