Astronomical salary: we know how much the actresses of the next season of Sex and the City will earn.

Sylvie Claire / January 14, 2021


We announced it to you at the beginning of the week, the Sex and the City series is back for one season. It will be broadcast on HBO Max, with the same cast with the exception of actress Kim Cattrall, announced the channel on Sunday night.


This season, entitled And Just Like That , will have ten episodes with actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, HBO said in a release.


Sarah Jessica Parker will continue to play the character of Carrie Bradshaw, also the story's narrator. Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are her two best friends, lawyer Miranda Hobbes and art dealer Charlotte York.


Kim Cattrall refused to participate in this adventure. According to several rumours, she has been in conflict for years with Sarah Jessica Parker.


The latter has made some revelations about the 10 future episodes. No one will wear Samantha Jones' high heels. No, the 55-year-old actress confirmed that there will be no fourth character. SJP made this revelation in front of her shoe store in New York City, reports the Daily Mail.


Although there is no fourth main teammate, Sarah insisted the fourth star was the city itself.


And to Adam Glyn's YouTube Adam's Apple page question: "We are not trying to create a fourth character, we have New York as a fourth character and it will be an interesting new character that we are passionate about", to Adam Glyn's YouTube Adam's Apple page question.


Astronomical salary


According to Variety magazine, the 3 actresses will win 1 million dollars per episode. This is not a record in the world of television. They thus equal the pay slips of the actors of the series Friends during the last two seasons. In the same way, they will also take on the roles of producers of the series.

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