An actor from Casa de Papel will play alongside Jennifer Aniston: crazy with joy, he shares photos of their meeting

Sylvie Claire / March 9, 2022

You loved the Spanish series La Casa de Papel which became internationally known thanks to its broadcast on the Netflix platform? Well, you should know that one of the actors of the successful series will soon play alongside American legends Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Enrique Arce, who played Arturo, the director of the Mint Factory, has been announced as a cast member of the movie Murder Mystery 2 alongside an international cast composed of French actors, Dany Boon and Melanie Laurent, among others.
The 49-year-old Valencian artist took pictures with American celebrities during a drunken evening spent last weekend in the French capital, Saturday night fever, with Jen and Adam in Paris, Enrique wrote in the caption of his Instagram post where he can be seen hugging Jennifer Aniston.


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