American actor Dwayne Johnson will no longer use real weapons in his movies

Steph Deschamps / November 5, 2021

The American star Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed The Rock, pledged on Wednesday not to use real guns during the shooting of his films, after the death of a filmmaker hit by an accidental shooting by actor Alec Baldwin in late October.
Johnson said he was devastated by the news of the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film Rust, with the tragedy prompting him to re-evaluate the use of firearms in feature films made by his production company Seven Bucks Productions, in an interview with trade magazine Variety. 
A life has been lost, lamented the 49-year-old star, one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.
The production company will now use plastic weapons and the necessary special effects will be done in post-production. 
A live bullet accidentally fired by Alec Baldwin, who was given a gun and told it was harmless, fatally wounded Halyna Hutchins on October 21 and ended up in the shoulder of Rust director Joel Souza.
Dwayne Johnson, longtime friend of Alec Baldwin, also advocated for new protocols and safety measures in the film industry. 
It's terrible that this had to happen to make it happen, he concluded.
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