After the affair of the slap at the Oscars, Will Smith would follow a therapy to control his violence

Eva Deschamps / May 10, 2022

The scene went around the world. During the ceremony of the Oscars 2022, while Chris Rock teases Jada Pinkett Smith on his shaved head in reality due to an illness, Will Smith stands up to slap the American comedian. First a huge buzz, these images have quickly become harmful to the reputation of the actor. Will Smith resigned from the Academy of the Oscars and many public figures blamed his behavior, accusing him of setting a bad example.

The day after the incident, Will Smith issued a lengthy mea culpa - I'd like to apologize to you, Chris. I was out of line and I was wrong - but is it enough? Obviously not for the hero of the movie Hitch who would still suffer from this episode.
Will Smith, totally absent from social networks since the story of the slap, would follow a therapy to learn to control his anger and his violent outbursts, according to information from the American program Entertainment Tonight. He would also go on vacation with his family in India to get away from the spotlight and recharge his batteries.
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