After making 50 films, Woody Allen retires at 86

Steph Deschamps / September 20, 2022

To the Spanish newspaper "La Vanguardia", Woody Allen announced his intention to retire.
It is not for all that he intends to stop. Woody Allen now wants to devote himself to writing a novel. Last June, he had already confided in an interview with Alec Baldwin that he was no longer totally excited by the cinema. He said he had lost "a lot of (his) enthusiasm" for the cinema, and this, among other things, because of the popularity of streaming platforms.
For fans of the director, don't panic. You can still see one of his works in theaters. Allen has one more film to shoot in France in a few weeks. His next (and last) film, shot in French in the coming weeks, will be "exciting, dramatic and also very grim" and very similar to "Match Point" (a very dark film with actors Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Scarlett Johansson), he explained. This is not the first time Woody Allen has filmed in the French capital during his career. He had filmed "Midnight in Paris" in 2011.
The American director fell out of favor in the United States after his adopted daughter accused him of sexually assaulting her as a child. Moreover, his last film, Rifkin's Festival, with Christoph Waltz and Louis Garrel, was not as successful as expected.
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