Actor Ingo Rademacher, aka Jasper from the series Central Hospital, fired after refusing to be vaccinated

Steph Deschamps / December 15, 2021

The actor of the series Central Hospital, Ingo Rademacher, is suing the ABC television network after he was fired from the popular soap opera for refusing to be vaccinated. He considers the vaccination requirement imposed by the show's production to be unconstitutional.
Ingo Rademacher, 50, - who played Jasper 'Jax' Jacks on the show for 25 years - filed a complaint in Los Angeles court on Monday, saying he had previously sought a religious exemption from getting the coronavirus vaccine after fellow actor Steve Burton tested positive for COVID in August.
However, his request not to be vaccinated was refused by the television network. The American actor is anti-vaccine and can no longer go to Zone A where actors can work without masks if they meet certain criteria, including being vaccinated.
This Area A is where the actors and crew usually work physically closest to each other, sometimes without personal protective equipment (PPE), while the cameras are rolling.
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