Actor Elliot Page reveals his physical transformation after a first surgery

 Sylvie Claire / Mars 16, 2021

Transgender actor Elliot Page is on the cover of Time magazine in which he reveals his new transformation, which he describes as life-saving, and in which he confides in the search for his own person. I already wanted to be a boy when I was only nine years old, he says.


Elliot Page explains that he had to compromise on his true gender identity in order to pursue a career as a child actor.


The 34-year-old detailed his decades-long struggle with his gender


Elliot also revealed that he had undergone a state-of-the-art surgery to remove his breasts shortly before he revealed his transformation to the world.


Bust surgery is a subcutaneous mastectomy in which the breasts and breast tissue are removed to create a more masculine chest.


The actor said the results of the procedure completely transformed his life and helped him feel like himself for the first time since he endured the total hell of puberty earlier in his life.


The actor also unveiled a new haircut on the cover of TIME, and tearfully revealed that it took him a while to find the courage to embrace the style, but that he couldn't have enjoyed it more. 

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