A Stranger Things actor reveals his confidential exchanges with Doja Cat: the singer is furious

Eva Deschamps / July 9, 2022

Rapper Doja Cat is furious after her private messages were exposed to the world by Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp.
As a reminder, the 26-year-old singer sent a message to the 17-year-old actor, who plays Will Byers in the hit Netflix series, asking him to set her up on a date with his co-star Joseph Quinn, 29, who plays Eddie Munson.
Noah, can you set me up with Joseph? she wrote, adding, Wait, he has a girlfriend?.
Schnapp replied, Slide into her DMs, but the Say So performer explained that she couldn't find Quinn's account on any social media platform. Schnapp then sent her a link to the actor's Instagram account.
Doja made her interest in Quinn known before messaging Schnapp for his matchmaking services. On Twitter, she wrote, Joseph Quinn is top, when the new season of the hit series aired.
But the situation escalated when Schnapp jokingly posted her exchange with the singer in a now-deleted video on TikTok, sharing the private messages she had sent him with more than 30 million fans.
Noah is a kid, but I don't even know how old he is, but there's no way he's older than 21, the rapper said in an Instagram Live video Thursday. But when you're that young, you make mistakes.
Calling Schnapp incredibly socially unaware and crazy, the star revealed that she felt violated by the exposure of her private messages to the world.
Maybe he is, like a snake. But I didn't think of him that way, she told her fans. I went with the assumption that he was going to be discreet about it and he went and shared information that made me uncomfortable.
Schnapp has yet to respond publicly, but deleted the video from his profile Friday morning.
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