A few days before Queen Elizabeth II's jubilee, six soldiers of the Irish Guards were arrested for drug trafficking

Sylvie Claire / May 28, 2022

Six soldiers from the Irish Guards regiment, assigned to guard the British royal family, and a veteran have been arrested for drug trafficking, the Ministry of Defense announced Friday.
This event comes just a few days before the kick-off of the festivities celebrating the 70th anniversary of the British monarch's reign.
The six members of the Irish Guards have been charged with money laundering and loan sharking, the British Ministry of Defence announced Friday. None of the soldiers under investigation will take part in the parade planned in honor of the Queen's platinum jubilee, the authorities said.
Five of the seven soldiers targeted have been released on bail, according to the British newspaper The Sun. Several searches have been conducted, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper, and the investigation is being overseen by the military police.
The First Battalion of the Irish Guards, one of the most famous units of the British Army, will take part in the Trooping the Colour" military march that will kick off the jubilee festivities on Tuesday, June 2.
Prince William himself is a colonel in the Royal Protection Regiment of the Irish Guards and wore its uniform at his wedding in 2011. The regiment is also known for its mascot, an Irish greyhound.
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