Carrot the magic deer receives an arrow in the head in Canada: the inhabitants fight to save it

Steph Deschamps / December 24, 2020



Residents of Kenoria, a city in Ontario, Canada, are used to seeing animals pass by in their neighborhood. Since 2017, a male deer often walks in front of their houses. They became attached to him.


But this year, locals were shocked when this well-known deer appeared with an arrow stuck in its head. Several people were upset, even though the animal at first seemed to continue to live quite normally, as reported by the Daily Mail. Initially baptized carrot, the deer is today friendly called Carrot the magic deer.


Since December 9, when he was spotted with the arrow, an animal photographer has set up a campaign on social networks in order to save him.


The animal was examined and there was no blood or sign of infection. The arrow was not removed completely, as it would prevent blood from escaping and its removal could lead to infection, if the deer ends up with an open wound. The upper part of the arrow has been removed. Local authorities hope the remaining end will drop in the coming months.


On Facebook, friends of Carrot have created a page to support the animal and give news on its state of health. The page already has over 6,000 subscribers. A local group hopes the spotlight will change permissions that allow residents to shoot deer with arrowbows within city limits..

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