The Chris TDL Brands of Business Magnate will develop in Korea


Shortly after the official opening of The Chris TDL Japan Marketing agency in Tokyo, the Business Magnate Chris TDL has just posted on his Google Knowledge Panel that the Chris TDL brand will be released in South Korea next.

Christopher Alexandre Taylor in the conquest of the international has not lost time since the beginning of 2020 and has established partnerships with several organizations in several countries of the world.

The Chris TDL brand, under the pseudonym of the Business Magnate, is already present in 8 countries, and 9 after its introduction in South Korea.

A GIPHY account, as well as a Tenor account (Google GIFs) have already been opened under the name "Chris TDL Korea", bearing the image of the professional career of the Chris TDL brand in Korea. Several other social networks will probably be open soon.

Remember that the entrepreneur's journey has been very rapid since the start of these activities. Here is a list of some Companies managed by the Business Magnate:

October 2017: He officially opened his Company "CH TDL Company".
December 2018: He officially opened his brand "CH TDL Brand" brand of clothing and accessories.
Summer 2019: He launches his application B.Influential Networks intended to put companies in touch with influencers. ( Application close in September 2020 )
September 2019: He opens the label "B.influential Label" intended to publish new artists and an assistant in their evolution in their musical careers.
October 2019: Chris announces and formalized the opening of his new company "Million Hope By Chris TDL" which brings together Million Hope Skin (Skin Care Products) and Million Hope Apparel (Clothing brand).
March 2020: He created the company "The Chris TDL Group", a Talent management company intended to develop future famous people.
May 2020: Chris passes media owner status with the founding of his Net Worth Space Media Website (a media company with articles and stories covering everything from quotes, net worths, and more).
September 2020 the company Chris TDL AI Project was founded, a company dedicated to research in artificial intelligence and machine-brain.
February 2021, The Chris TDL Post was founded, Gossip website.
February 2021 Chris TDL Council was opened. Chris TDL Council is an annual gathering of several leaders in various different industries, such as entrepreneurship, music, film, politics, and talent managers.

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