HomeMade Delivered: A new startup launched in Montreal with great ambitions.

Homemade Delivered / November 27, 2020



Until now, the restaurant market has been saturated and very selective, modeled on a cathodic and conservative business model. However, in recent years, we have observed a generational evolution of a local economy. Thus, a hybrid trend that is gaining popularity thanks to the appearance of new technologies that facilitate the rapid and mobile contacting and distribution of meals, creating a new consumption habit on social networks.

It’s a lucrative boon since you receive meal orders from the comfort of your kitchen and quickly make a profit without too much investment. Managing your restaurant business now seems easy, flexible and less costly in marketing compared to the bureaucracy of opening a traditional restaurant and the heavy management that must follow to achieve the same results as a home restaurant owner.

This opportunity nevertheless raises many concerns about the quality control of food, competing increasingly with restaurants, but also the skills and profiles of these shadow restaurateurs at the origin of this market change. How does Homemade Delivered intend to position itself in a conservative market with significant health issues and support home catering?


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Homemade Delivered is positioned as a social catering company that orders meals online made by qualified restaurateurs and delivered directly to the consumer. By having a high-performance POS platform and technology, Homemade not only allows consumers to keep direct contact with their restaurant owner, but also to personalize their orders and maintain a human relationship based on positive local trust.

With its business model, Homemade Delivered encourages and supports local entrepreneurship and promotes the culinary riches of ethnic communities in a logic of cultural diversity in the social and solidarity economy. Since the restaurant industry is reinventing itself, Homemade Delivered becomes the partner of restaurateurs by placing a point of honor on the compliance control of our restaurateurs and the quality of the meals sold on our platforms. This has become evident in the face of the current Covid-19 health pandemic.


As a digital catering service, Homemade Delivered offers services of; ordering meals online, delivering meals to your home or office, catering for events, information service and restaurant support. It is therefore essential to understand that Homemade Delivered works with a variety of catering and agrifood professionals in compliance with the laws and regulations in force in its areas of activity.

Recruitment of restaurateurs: The process of recruiting new restaurateurs-partners of Homemade Delivered respects a strict procedure of identity verification, control of license or authorized permit corresponding to their activity, analysis of professional career, morality surveys with references to establish the compliance requirements in effect in the jurisdiction of practice.

Respect for hygiene and food safety: In order to ensure a quality and safe service, Homemade Delivered assists home restaurateurs in complying with the applicable packaging, kitchen safety and food safety compliance requirements. Thus, Homemade Delivered, through its partnerships, not only runs collective kitchens with its partners to ensure a safe and healthy environment for food preparation. Homemade Delivered also requires a good state of conditioning of meals, checks the healthiness of home kitchens, controls compliance with the authorized quantity for the sale of meals on our platforms.

Support for restaurateurs: Homemade Delivered raises awareness and supports its restaurant partners in their profession. Homemade Delivered produces useful information capsules on the legal and health directives of the authorities and the civil liability of their profession. An information service is available to answer questions and direct restaurant owners to the appropriate services. For the safety of consumers, Homemade Delivered prohibits its restaurant partners from selling meals from the day before on our platforms. Thus, a management system is set up by Homemade Delivered which allows the restaurateur to plan his menu card in advance.


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Meal delivery and safety: By offering its meal delivery service during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, Homemade Delivered ensures compliance with strict safety and social distancing measures such as the compulsory wearing of masks and gloves by Homemade delivery personnel Delivered during meal deliveries. Homemade Delivered continually supports the vigilance of its restaurant partners to strictly respect the food and safety environment of meal preparation. Thus they adopt good food safety practices as well as safe cooking measures for food at good internal temperature with an average of 70 ° C (158 ° F).


homemade delievredIn addition, Homemade Delivered relies on the vigilance and responsibility of consumers to check the status of their orders upon delivery and to comply with WHO and Health Canada recommendations on good food safety practices to adopt at home.

What does Homemade Delivered do in the event of a complaint?

Homemade Delivered's services are accessible via all of its online platforms (website, mobile application, and social networks). It respects a rigorous code of ethics and professional conduct in addition to ensuring compliance and compliance with the legal requirements of its partner-restaurateurs.

Homemade Delivered has no control over and is not responsible for whether or not they comply with legal requirements regarding food, the choice of food and the method of preparation of restaurateurs who use Homemade Delivered. Homemade Delivered's commitment is limited to ensuring the compliance control of the restaurateurs with whom it works. As required by Homemade Delivered, the restaurateur provides proof of compliance as well as a presentation of its state of preparation. The restaurant owner also has access to all the important information resources to legally start and run their restaurant on Homemade Delivered platforms.

However, if there is a complaint from a consumer about food poisoning or serious facts, only the restaurant owner will bear the consequences. Homemade Delivered's collaboration with the restaurateur will be immediately suspended and depending on the aggravating circumstances, Homemade Delivered could press legal proceedings against the latter.

However, the safety of our users remains our top priority. And we do everything we can to protect consumers and support restaurateurs towards a better quality of service.


Now visit the Homemade Delivered website

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